MR.DOLLAR Pasti Murah
13 October 2021
Best Gathering Snacks in MR.DOLLAR
Gathering is considered a meaningful activity. It can cultivate interpersonal relationships and promote a sense of belonging and community. A simple gathering can make you feel incredibly inspired, energetic and connected. Whether it's a small or large gathering, food and drink is essential for every gathering, do you agree? Check out what you can get from MR.DOLLAR. 

9751384 (RM2)

Hogomas sunflower seeds are one of the best choices for gathering. You can enjoy the crispy sunflower seed while chatting with friends. You may find out that you can’t stop it once you eaten

9754875 (RM5)

You shouldn’t miss this snack when you shop at MR.DOLLAR. BBQ flavoured tortilla chips set your taste buds soaring with each crunchy bite. Psst, you can get it much cheaper in MR.DOLLAR too.  

9753663 & 665 (RM2)

Are small packs of snacks no longer enough for you? This is why you must get Miaow Miaow potato chips during the next gathering. There are several flavors to choose from and each pack only costs you RM2 at MR.DOLLAR.

9755810 (RM5)

Take a break with Kit Kat Bites! Everyone’s favorite milk chocolate wafers are now available in bite-sized pieces, which you can enjoy with family and friends during gathering time.

9754627 (RM2)

Yeah! Good things are meant to be shared. Enjoy the creamy, crunchy bite of Muzic wafer rolls and spread happiness and positivity through sharing these delicious wafer rolls with everyone around you.
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