MR.DOLLAR Lagi Murah
22 October 2021
Top 5 Breads & Pastries in MR.DOLLAR
The easiest and most convenient breakfast option is bread or pastry. Many people like to eat bread or pastry to kick start the day, and some people will fill their stomachs with bread during lunch time and continue to settle their busy work. Whether you are a housewife busy preparing food for your children, or a student in a hurry to rush assignments to meet the deadline, bread can be your best choice to settle your meal. In MR.DOLLAR, you can find bread & pastry products with the price as low as RM2 only.

9755736-739 (RM2 Each)

Soft and fluffy bread is filled with delightful cream, it’s definitely a favourite of children. There are four flavours including strawberry, blueberry, corn and chocolate for you to choose from. And each pack comes with three cream rolls for the price of RM2 only.

9753608 (RM2)

If you do not prefer cream rolls, you may try out these coconut filling sweeties. The full coconut filling of the bread makes them so tasty and flavorful. It is served best with a cup of hot coffee.

9752593 & 594 (RM2 Each)

Muffin is a small bread with the shape of mushroom head, the texture will be harder compared to cupcakes. It can be served hot or cold and has a variety of sweet and savory flavors. The small packaging size makes it easy to carry to school or work.

9753616 (RM2)

The above bread choices are not the one you are looking for? You may consider grabbing yourself a white sandwich loaf. It can either be used to cook with other ingredients or to apply your favorite spread/jam.

9756231 (RM2)

Kaya is one of the Malaysian favourite jams which is made with coconut, egg and caramel. The simplest and most delicious way to enjoy the kaya spread is to apply it on a toast. The taste of toast is enhanced instantly with this rich and aromatic kaya spread.

Besides the products above, there are more and more products that you can find in MR.DOLLAR with the affordable price from RM2, check it out from MR.DOLLAR Lagi Murah 2021 now. 

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