MR.DOLLAR Back To School 2022
14 March 2022
Back To School Checklist

No matter if you are a parent who has to prepare all the school necessities for your child, or a college/university student who needs to purchase the stationeries for your own use, MR.DOLLAR would definitely be your right place to source for all affordable stationeries. Make sure you get all these necessary things before school starts.

Here are some products recommendations for you:


97403326 / 338 (WM: RM5.00 EACH/ EM: RM5.50 EACH)

A good writing tool can help develop children’s interest in writing. The grip of this Pilot mechanical pencil is designed to maximize comfort while writing. You are also highly recommended to use it together with the Pilot’s pencil lead provided, so that your writing will be clean, dark and you won’t be slowed down by lead breakage.

9751898 (WM: RM5.00 EACH/ EM: RM5.50 EACH)

If you are looking for a box of colored pencils for your child, the Stabilo Swans colored pencils are definitely your trusted brand and choice. It comes with a colour rich formula with vivid and bright color effects, which may inspire your kids to make creative designs. Most importantly, these colour pencils are complying with EN71 & ISO 8124 Standards, making them safe for children to use. Get a box of Stabilo Swans colored pencils today and let your kids discover the creativite world of colour.

9089816 (WM: RM5.00 EACH/ EM: RM5.50 EACH)

Make sure your child stays organized with a pencil case. They may have many stationery items, including pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, that they need to take to school, and a pencil case would be the perfect place to store them so your child can easily find them before class.

9751044 - 045 (WM: RM2 EACH / EM: RM2.20 EACH)

A crunchy cream wafer cubes made with high quality cocoa powder. It comes with a resealable zipper bag that makes it easy for children to bring to school. There are two flavours available for you to choose. You can purchase chocolate flavoured cream wafer cubes for your children and chocolate hazelnut flavoured for yourself.

9753946 (WM: RM2 EACH / EM: RM2.20 EACH)

Kick start your day with some healthy drinks - VSoy Soya Bean Milk. VSoy Soya Milk is 100% plant based soya milk made from high quality soya bean. Whether you are choosing VSoy Original or Multigrain, both provide you with protein, vitamins and minerals that enhance your health.

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