MR.DOLLAR Raya Kami Termurah
12 April 2022
Masak Raya Bersama MR.DOLLAR

There is less than a month to go for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. MR.DOLLAR is a great place to stock up on all the necessary cooking ingredients for your Raya dishes on Eid Open House. Master your cooking skills with the following affordable cooking ingredients at MR.DOLLAR today. 


CED Himalayan Pink Rock Salt (400g)
9753386 (RM2 Each)

Salt is the most indispensable seasoning for cooking. Did you know that Himalayan pink rock salt contains higher beneficial nutrients and minerals compared to table salt. It can be used for pH (alkaline/acidic) balancing and helps reduce acid reflux and lower blood pressure. You should not miss it on your Raya dishes.

ADABI Serbuk Nasi Goreng Kampung (17g)
9753458 (2 @ RM2)

We know that preparing meals for more than 10 people can give you a lot of headaches. That is the reason why you need to have a good helper - ADABI serbuk nasi goreng. A small packet of ADABI serbuk nasi goreng kampung allows you to prepare fried rice for 10 people quickly and easily.

TEAN’s GOURMET Assam Paste
9752615 (RM5 EACH)

Cooking paste is a must-have product for your raya dishes. With TEAN’s Gourmet Assam Paste, you can get ready a delicious seafood assam dish easily within 30 minutes. The recipe is relatively simple, all you have to do is just to prepare three (3) ingredients - (a) seafood and vegetables (lady finger, tomatoes etc), (b) TEAN’s Gourmet Assam Paste & (c) Water. That’s simple right? Try it out yourself today!

Akasa Coconut Milk (200ml)
9754408 (RM5 for 3)

Coconut milk is one of the most frequently used ingredients when we are preparing for Raya dishes including rendang, nasi lemak, curry, coconut shake, cendol, kuih muih and desserts. Now you can get 3 packs of Akasa coconut milk with only RM5 (N.P: RM2 each) at MR.DOLLAR. This promotion is valid till 31 May 2022 only, get yours now!

Maggi Chili Sauce (500g)
9753979 (RM5 EACH)

Sauces are an essential element in many dishes. It helps in maximising flavours, and improves moisture to your food. So, do not forget to get Maggi chili sauce for your Raya dishes. It’s not only perfect for dipping, but can turn your dishes into a tasty and flavorsome meal too.

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