Lebih 10,000 Produk Kekal RM2
16 June 2022
What you can get in just RM2?

Due to various factors including production cost, inflation rate, labor cost and etc, the price of our daily necessities have increased. Consumers like you may find it hard to adapt to the current situation and feel pressured into settling monthly expenses, especially for B40 income group.

Fret not, MR.DOLLAR offers more than 10,000 products with prices remaining at RM2 to help you pass through this down time. You can purchase your daily necessities at MR.DOLLAR without straining your wallet. Let see what you can get with just RM2 at MR.DOLLAR. 


SNEK KU Mimi / Tam Tam (10’s x 12g)
9753930 & 931 (RM2 Each)

Believe you are familiar with SNEK KU. SNEK KU Mimi or Tam Tam can be said to be our childhood memories and have been with us until now. These small packs are the best snack for work.

TWINFISH Oat Choco - Original (80g)
9751273 (RM2 Each)

Feel like wanting to munch something during tea time? Twinfish Oat Choco would definitely suit working adults who prefer light and healthy snacks. It's low in cholesterol and rich in fiber.

WONDA Kopi Tarik
9751165 (RM2 EACH)

Kickstart your day with a can of Wonda kopi tarik. It is made from carefully selected coffee beans and brewed to perfection. Now you can enjoy a sip of local coffee conveniently every morning and awaken your love for local coffee.

PEPSODENT Cavity (120g)
9754665 (RM2 Each)

We know that tooth decay can cause pain, bad breath and lead to cavities. Let's prevent this and protect your teeth with Pepsodent cavity toothpaste which provides you with maximum cavity protection.

Superior Facial Tissue (2 x 70’s)
9755416 (RM2 EACH)

Get 2 boxes of superior facial tissue for just RM2. The quality of the tissue paper is soft, smooth and clean with super absorbent. You can place it in the car or living room.

Besides the products that have been highlighted above, there are more RM2 products that you can find in MR.DOLLAR including household, hardware, stationeries, cooking ingredients, food and beverages, toys and so on.

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