Kempen Beli Buatan Malaysia 2022
22 September 2022
5 Must-Have Office Snacks Made in Malaysia

Although Independence Day and Malaysia Day have just passed a few days ago, this should not be a reason to stop us from showing patriotism and supporting locally-made products. The following are a few locally made food and beverage products that you must have in the office.Here are some products recommendations for you:

LEXUS Sandwich Assorted (76g)
9755948 - 949 (RM2 Each)

I believe everyone has heard of Munchy's, a well-known local brand in Malaysia. Its Lexus biscuits are loved by everyone, including seniors, adults, and children, in every flavor. Lexus is the biscuit sandwich with a smooth and creamy filling. It’s also packed in a small packet, providing you with the convenience to grab it anytime, anywhere, whether at work or at home.

JACKER Potato Crisps BBQ (60g)
9753991 (2 for RM5)

JACKER Potato Crisps are made with selected potatoes that are cut into flats and processed hygienically. It has a variety of savory flavours and is great for your snacking time. Its Barbecue flavour is so crunchy and full of great BBQ flavours that will leave you asking for more! A lid is also provided so you can put it on when you can't finish it at one time.

SNEK KU Shoyuemi Mee Seaweed Snack (7’s x 12g)
9756438 (2 for RM5)

ShoyueMi is a delicious crispy and unique snack cracker which is processed by using natural soy sauce and vegetable essence. If you are seaweed lover, please do not forget to keep a few packs of Snek Ku Shoyuemi Mee Seaweed Snacks at work to easily satisfy your snack cravings.

VIDA ZERO Assorted (325ml)
9755926 - 927 (2 for RM5)

Did you know that Vida is one of the Malaysia brands? If you need a sweet drink to cheer yourself up on a busy work day, Vida Zero is sure to be your healthier choice - with ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, and ZERO coloring. Now you can enjoy a sweet sparkling drink without worry! Get any 2 Vida Zero for RM5 at MR.DOLLAR.

LOT100 Frutube Gummy Assorted (35g)
9756459 - 460 (2 for RM2)

Lot 100 Fruit Gummies are made from concentrated fruit juice and bursting with the fresh taste of real fruit. It's not only fat-free but enriched with Vitamin C, making it a healthier snack for those who want something sweet without all the guilt! Each pack comes with 10 pastilles, perfect for sharing with colleagues during a tea break.

*Prices shown are for West Malaysia (WM). Visit our campaign page for more information:

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