Lebih 10,000 Produk Kekal RM2
21 October 2022
How to be a smart buyer with MR.DOLLAR
“Higher inflation has made grocery prices more expensive”. This is what we often hear from those around us. The rising cost of living causes a reduction in purchasing power, with consumers paying more than before for the same amount of product. You may find it very frustrating and annoying!

But, don’t worry! MR.DOLLAR got your back. At our stores, we will help you to become a smart buyer and stretch your ringgit so that you can still enjoy the same quality of life. How? MR.DOLLAR aims to offer customers more than 10,000 products, with prices remaining at RM2.

Hard to believe? Here are some recommendations of products that you can purchase at RM2 each.

9758319 (RM2)

The rainy season is here and mosquitoes can be seen everywhere. Mosquito bites can be itchy and annoying. Scratching the itchy bumps will create wounds on your skin. Use this mosquito repellent spray to prevent bites and red bumps! It is a must-have product, especially when you're doing some outdoor activities. The repellent spray comes in a small bottle which is convenient to take with you anytime, anywhere.

9750946 (RM2)

“Twist” the boredom into happiness with Twisties. Want something to crunch on during the party? Cheddar cheese-flavored twisties has been a popular childhood snack to munch. Hence, it will be a great choice to serve your guests when you throw a party on a budget!

9761999 (RM2)

Quench your thirst with this apple drink. When you want to buy drinks from beverage shops but are tight on budget, you may try this out! Every packet of apple drinks contains Vitamin C, which is good for your health. Besides, there are no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. What’s an amazing choice compared to other pricey drinks that contain artificial additives.

9757100 (RM2)

Bulky desk sharpeners are troublesome, aren't they? Grab this at MR.DOLLAR! This small sharpener is easier to carry out, and is ideal for sharpening pencil or color pencil. Other than its small size, there are other features as well! The ergonomic grip prevents users from discomfort and injury. In addition, the razor sharp and anti-rust blades provide a smoother and longer sharpening.

9758317 (RM2)

It’s the time of the month, AGAIN?!! The most important “monthly event” for females. Menstrual cramps are something that you should take care of. With this non-medicinal heat patch, you can now say goodbye to the pain. And yes, to all boyfriends, you may give this to your loved ones to prevent them from turning into a “dinosaur”.

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*Prices shown are for West Malaysia (WM). 

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