28 October 2020
5 RM2 Drinks You Can Get From MR.DOLLAR
Need a drink? Head to MR.DOLLAR and you will see a variety of choices that caters to a range of tastebuds. Here are five RM2 drinks to try from MR.DOLLAR:

Sundrop Black Coffee

Although it has a slightly bitter taste, many people love drinking black coffee because it makes them feel energised and get ready for the day. It does not have sugar, milk, cream or any added flavours so you don’t need to worry about extra calories.

Sundrop Milk Coffee “Café au Lait”

“Café au Lait” literally means, “coffee with milk” in French. It is created using brewed coffee and steamed milk. If you are a coffee lover, this might be something that you would love to try. But if you are busy and do not have time to create your own, you can head to MR.DOLLAR and try this Café au Lait in a can.

Sundrop Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is one of the most popular drinks in Teh Tarik and often paired with roti prata and more. It can be found in most coffee shops and mamak stalls in Malaysia but nowadays you can find this drink anywhere! Why not try this Sundrop brand found at MR.DOLLAR for RM2 because it is also lower in sugar.

Sundrop Tropical Lime Juice Drink

Want to try a fresh tropical lime juice drink made from fresh squeezed lime? You can try the next best thing from SUNDROP which is for sale at MR.DOLLAR for only RM2. Good news! If you are limiting your sugar intake, this is less sugar.

Cocoway Roasted Coconut Water

If you are a coconut lover, you might want to try this Cocoway Roasted Coconut Water with Pulp. The flavours will take your imagination to a windy beach while watching a sunset. Try it!
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