Deepavali 2020
06 November 2020
3 Foods to Try this Deepavali
Deepavali, also known as Diwali and Divali, is a festival celebrated by all Hindus around the world and is a holiday in Malaysia. The word Deepavali is a combination of the Sanskrit word 'dīpa' meaning light and the word ‘āvali’ meaning row. On this meaningful day, homes are decorated with lamps and lights and there will also be a lot of delicious food prepared in anticipation for this wonderful festival. Pamper your taste buds with these 3 favourite Deepavali snacks and cuisine, read on to find out more.


Did you know that Murruku means “twisted”. They are fried spiral shaped savoury snacks made with rice and chickpea flour, cumin, sesame and carom seeds! It has several variations, depending on the types and proportion of flours used.


Be warned that these ball-shaped snacks are so sweet, they cannot be binge-eaten unlike murukku. It is made with any kind of flour with cashews, raisins, saffron and a light flavour cardamom, and shaped into small balls for serving. If you are a sweet tooth, this is a must have during Deepavali.

3.Vege Biryani

Another Deepavali main course for your eat-list would be Vege Biryani. This dish is loaded with chopped vegetables, spices, saffron and dry fruits make this dish simply irresistible. Guess what? Here is a little tip. Biryanis that have been cooked with plenty of love and care brings out the tastiness, happiness and satisfaction that come with it. Yum!

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