26 November 2020
Eat Clean with Fresh Vegetables from MR.DOLLAR

Clean eating means choosing minimally processed, real foods that provide maximal nutritional benefits. A good example would be vegetables! Did you know that MR.DOLLAR is now selling fresh vegetables? And the prices are either RM2 or RM5.

Here are some easy ideas to incorporate more vegetables into your diet:

  • Make colorful salads by using at least three different vegetables.
  • You can make a simple salad with sliced cucumbers with calamansi lime juice and just a hint of salt.
  • Incorporate vegetables such as aubergine and okras in your curries.
  • Incorporate vegetables such as broccoli, baby corn, carrots and more into your soups.
  • Cook omelettes with long beans.
  • Make roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes as a side dish.

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