MR.DOLLAR Pasti Murah, Mesti Beli
22 February 2021
“Pasti Murah” and “Mesti Beli” MR.DOLLAR Items For You
Have you ever been to MR.DOLLAR? Everything is Always RM2 or RM5, from groceries to cooking ingredients to drinks and even hardware items. Here are some suggestions on “Past Murah” and “Mesti Beli” items that you can get: 

SOFTLAN Floral Fantasy 1.4L Refill
9750269 - RM5

Did you know that MR.DOLLAR also offers household products? While shopping for food and beverages, you can also shop for essential items for your home. Get this SOFLAN Floral Fantasy Refill so that you never run out of it and have amazing smelling laundry always. 

ROYAL FAMILY Daifuku Mochi-matcha Red Bean 120g
9755803 - RM5

The soft taste of Japanese mochi desserts paired with soft red beans will leave you wanting for more. Try this and you can relax to enjoy every bite of Japanese mochi or share with friends.

TROPICANA Twister Orange 1.5L 
9755799 - RM5

Serve refreshing fruit drinks to guests or to your kids with this TROPICANA Twister Orange. It is a delicious way to get some vitamin C as well. Try it!

DANISA Butter Cookies 200g
9755798 - RM5

Cookies and a hot drink are one of the best ways to enjoy afternoon tea time at home with family or friends. These butter cookies are also a favourite and popular choice so you can stock up on one or two of these for a treat!

BURUH Cooking Oil 1kg
9755802 - RM5
Cooking oil is a kitchen staple ingredient which can be used for frying delicious food like chicken wings, making stir fry, sauteing ingredients to bring out the flavours and fragrance to making sauces. You don’t want to miss out on this deal.

If you want to see more “Pasti Murah” and “Mesti Beli” products by MR.DOLLAR, check out this link:,-Mesti-Beli-2021/ 
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