21 May 2021
5 Working From Home Snacks Ideas
MR.DOLLAR is the place for you to get a wide variety of items at only RM2 or RM5..and that includes snacks! Are you working from home and want to find the best value for money snacks? Here are 5 suggestions for you from our Sama-Sama Jimat Campaign:

TWINFISH Oat Choco Ori (180g)
9754423 (RM5)

If you are the type to prefer light and healthy snacks, you might like these oat snacks. They are packed individually which is perfect for portion control.

COCA-COLA No Sugar (330ml)
9750691 (2 For RM2)

Coca-Cola no sugar is a healthier version of the original drink. Try this instead for an afternoon pick-me-up if you love the taste of this drink but want to control your sugar intake. 

DORITOS Nacho Cheese / BBQ (150g)
9754876 (RM5)

Look no further because you can even find Doritos at MR.DOLLAR! Have a taste of these mind-blowing Doritos BBQ or Cheese flavoured tortilla chips and your taste buds will soar with each crunchy bite.

GERY Cheese Crackers (100g)
9751559 (2 for RM5)

These cheese crackers are really savoury! Cheese lovers will appreciate this is great to have as a late morning or afternoon snack paired together with either a hot or a cold refreshing drink. 

HOGOMAS Sunflower Seeds (110g)
9751384 (RM2)

Are you spending your time attending webinars online but want something to snack on? Go old-school with a simple kuaci might even finish the whole bag in an hour! This is also an affordable and healthy snack option for anyone.

Want more snack ideas? Check out MR.DIY x MR.DOLLAR Sama-Sama Jimat 2021 Promotion Page 
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