MR.DOLLAR Stay Safe Stay Home
14 June 2021
Stay Safe & Stay Home with MR.DOLLAR
Whether you are trying to stay home or stay safe, MR.DOLLAR has got you covered. Here are some suggestions on which RM2 or RM5 items that you can get:

MR.DIY Hand Wash (500ml)
9710168, 9710169, 9710172 - RM5.00 Each

Whenever you come back home from the outside, whether it is from a grocery run or a short errand, always ensure that the first thing you do is to wash your hands. So, it is important for you to always have enough hand wash at home. Get these options now from MR.DOLLAR near you! 

MR.DIY Detergent Powder (600g)
8973721 - 8973723 - RM2.00 Each

Our clothes can also have the risk of being exposed to bacteria and viruses so it is always a good idea to wash them with the appropriate amount of detergent to ensure that they are clean and safe for the next use.

AMDPRO+ Antibacterial Antiseptic (150ml)
9755093 - RM5.00 Each

The AMDPRO+ Antibacterial Antiseptic helps to protect you and your family from 99.9% germs and bacteria that can cause Infections! It can be used on many surfaces in your home such as the floor or other hard surfaces and even in your laundry.

SEKOPLAS GLOVES 290cm x 295cm (100’s)
9240179 - RM5.00 Each

Are you reluctant to handle certain items with your bare hands? Try using disposable gloves instead. It is more hygienic and great for your piece of mind. Keep some at home and also in your bag at all times. 

PERFECT Antibacterial Hygiene Hand Wipes (20’s)
8973775 - RM2.00 Each

Always have one of these antibacterial hand wipes with you at all times in case you need to wipe your hands or even to clean something before you touch it. You can even use it to clean some of the things you carry around all the time such as your mobile phone.

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