MR.DOLLAR Frozen Foods
23 June 2021
MR.DOLLAR Frozen Foods for You

Frozen food has a longer shelf life and the freezing process helps to retain quality and seal in freshness. Make fewer grocery trips when you buy more at MR.DOLLAR this June because there is a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion at selected stores! Here are some suggestions:

U’PASTRY Spring Roll Pastry 8.5’ (550g)
9752750 - Buy 1 Free 1 @ RM5

Be creative with spring roll pastry - you can make deep fried and golden vegetable spring rolls or fill them with curry and fold them into triangular mini pies for a change. Once fried, they are really crunchy and serve well as appetizers or a snack!

FZ Ikan Kembong (3pcs)
9752898 - Buy 1 Free 1 @ RM5

Ikan Kembong is actually a great local source of omega-3. Even when bought frozen, it still maintains its nutrients. A simple and delicious way to eat this fish is to fry it and eat it with a variety of dishes for a hearty meal.

FZ Scallop Meat (100gm)
9752910 - Buy 1 Free 1 @ RM5

Scallops are a light and succulent shellfish and are a favourite among many. Frozen scallops are more affordable than fresh scallops and you can either sear or bake them into a delicious dish!

RICHMAMA Fish Ball (200g)
9752708 - Buy 1 Free 1 @ RM5

Fish balls are great protein sources in many dishes. They could be a great addition to broths and soups or they can be made as an easy individual dish that you can serve for your family. They are chewy and have great flavor.

FZ Van Prawn Meat (150g)
9752911 - Buy 1 Free 1 @ RM5

There are so many recipes that you can cook with prawn meat such as in a vegetable stirfry, in fried rice, fried noodles or noodle soup, or even as an ingredient for dumpling filling. It’s always a good idea to have a pack or two frozen prawns in the kitchen just in case.

Hurry! Promotion ends 30th June 2021.

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