MR.DOLLAR Pasti Murah
21 July 2021
5 Grocery List Must Haves from MR.DOLLAR

Not sure what to get during your next grocery run? Shelf stable items and frozen foods are a great way to stretch your dollar because they can last much longer than perishable food! Here are some RM2 and RM5 ideas for you:


APOLLO Pandan Cake / Chocolate (18g x 8s)

9754781 - 782 (RM2 each)

These apollo cakes are a classic and kids love them a lot, especially for snacking during those lazy days. They come in different flavours but why limit yourself? Get yours now at MR.DOLLAR!


TORTO Wafer Cube Hazelnut / Chocolate

9751044 - 045 (RM2 each)

Wafer cubes are usually family favourites because almost everyone likes them as a snack. They come in these two flavours, so its a good idea to have both to suit anyone's preferences.


MARIGOLD UHT Milk Full Cream / Chocolate / Low Fat / Milk Malt (1L)

9753072 - 075 (RM5 each)

Get these shelf stable milk for days when you feel like having milk and cookies or when a recipe calls for milk - at least you know that you will have one on hand and not rush out to buy it! Make great pancakes for breakfast with just flour, eggs and milk.


CB French Fries Crinkle Cut (1KG)

9752842 (RM5 each)

Crinkle cut fries is a popular type of fries that you can get in restaurants but you can also make them easily at home! It pairs really well with burgers or sandwiches or even on its own.



FUSIPIM Breaded Prawn Nugget (500g)

9752719 (RM5 each)

If you are a fan of prawns or seafood, then this is the item for you! It is great as a snack or as a crunchy side dish to your meals.

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