28 July 2021
5 Breakfast Selections from MR.DOLLAR
Are you the one who is always thinking about what to eat for breakfast everyday? Western style breakfast could be one of your choices. The following are some foods that you can get from MR.DOLLAR to prepare your first meal of the day:

AYAMAS Frankfurter Chicken (340gm)
9754363 (RM5 each)

Sausage is a common breakfast choice. It can be the main ingredient in a big breakfast or the side ingredient in noodles.

CB Hashbrown Patties (5pcs)
9755629 (RM5 each)

The golden and crispy hashbrown patties will definitely be your breakfast favorite. It saves you RM1.99 when you purchase from MR.DOLLAR.

KW Roti Paratha Plain (5's x 80g)
9752823 (RM5)

You can either enjoy it directly with some sambal or use it to make a sausage roll. Check out the recipe for sausage roll

VSOY Multi Grain Milk (300ml)
9753946 (RM2 each)

Your breakfast should come with some healthy drinks. VSoy Multi Grain Mlik is made of high quality soya bean milk, purple brown rice, black sesame, barley and malt which provides nutrition that enhances health.

NESCAFE Latte/Mocha/Original (240ml)
9750985 - 987 (RM2 each)

Prefer coffee to soya milk? MR.DOLLAR has various coffee drinks for you to choose from. Which one would be your favourite? 
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