12 August 2021
MR.DOLLAR Malaysian Favourite Mamak Food
Malaysia is a multi-racial country and thus it has contributed to the variety of foods and cuisines. One of the important parts of the food culture we shouldn't miss in Malaysia is food served in mamak restaurants. Mamak restaurants (or Mamak Stalls) are roadside eateries that sell Malay-Indian cuisine. The word of "Mamak" defines a mixture of Malay and Indian cultures.

Whether it's early morning or late night, locals love to go to mamak restaurant to enjoy their favourite roti, as well as the famous teh tarik. We would also often hear the phrase of "Jom, mamak!" or "Hey bro, come yam cha at mamak tonight!". It is known that mamak restaurant is an indispensable place for locals.
The following are some malaysian favourite mamak food and drink or ingredients for it that you may find in MR.DOLLAR:

9750957 (RM5 each)

The ingredients used to cook maggi goreng are very simple, but it's one of Malaysian favourites. It's cooked with noodles, eggs, vegetables, chicken and some sauces. That's simple right? You may purchase a pack of MAGGI 2-min curry and try to replicate your own mamak style maggi goreng at home.

9752383 (RM2 each)

Hey, nasi lemak lover! Did you know that nasi lemak seems to cook with simple ingredients, but to make a good-tasting “Nasi", the ratio of rice and coconut milk needs to be placed accurately. Let’s cook a Nasi Lemak for dinner tonight!

KW Roti Paratha Plain (5's x 80g)
9752823 (RM5 each)

Roti Canai - one of Malaysian favourite foods. It is toasted till golden brown, crispy with slightly charred edges but fluffy and soft inside. You have to taste it hot with dhall curry or any other addictive curry sauces. 

9755333 (RM2 each)

What's a good moment when you can enjoy a rich and frothy teh tarik while chit chatting with your friends at mamak. Let's challenge your friends to make a smooth and frothy teh tarik at home. Sweetened creamer milk could be an essential ingredient to make a good teh tarik. 

9750982 (RM5 each)

Regardless of the occasion - breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner - Milo is always one of the choices of Malaysians. If you are too lazy to make a cup of Milo, you can just grab a pack of Milo from MR.DOLLAR at RM5, and enjoy it anytime.

9750689 (RM2 each)

When hand-made teas aren’t your option, Coca-cola will definitely be the drink that you will order in Mamak stall. 
While we are unable to enjoy food at mamak restaurants at the moment, we can still prepare some mamak delicacies at home to satisfy our taste buds! Grab your cooking ingredients at RM2 or RM5 at MR.DOLLAR today!

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