MR.DOLLAR 64th Merdeka Celebration
24 August 2021
5 Nostalgic Malaysian All Time-Favourite Snacks
Need a dose of nostalgia? Step into a MR.DOLLAR store and prepare to be swept into a wave of nostalgia when you see some of these familiar childhood snacks.

APOLLO Wafer Milk / Chocolate (6s)
9753687 & 688 (RM2 each)

These APOLLO wrapped in the famous red paper packaging is every 80’s and 90’s kid's favourite snack! It is also known as "wafer dengan krim coklat" in Malay language and you might have seen it as snacks during birthday parties or any gathering but it is indeed a good snack to carry around and munch on if you are getting hungry.

CHOKI CHOKI Pek Meriah Chocolate Paste
9755924 (RM2 each)

Choki Choki is another favourite 80’s and 90’s kid's snack! Remember using your pocket money at the little store at school to buy a few tubes of these legendary chocolate snacks? 

Durian Pop Corn  (70g)
9752363 (RM2 each)

Durian Pop Corn snack is a legendary snack that you might have heard of. It is a crunchy and sweet corn snack with durian taste that is a favourite among many Malaysians. Share it with everyone and enjoy the flavour!

CLOUD 9 Wafret Twins Vanilla / Chocolate  (14g)
9750849 & 850 (2 for RM5)

Ask anyone if they know what Cloud 9 is and they will definitely tell you they know! It is this deliciously crunchy wafer cubes coated with chocolate, filled with a variety of cream flavours. A light and tasty snack that's just right for anyone’s everyday snacking needs.

DAHFA Fish Fillet (30g)
9752458 (RM2 each)

Who doesn’t know this famous fish fillet snack? It is rich in protein and minerals especially carbohydrate and calcium and it is also fun to snack with because one pack is never enough. It can be eaten directly or fried/baked into other delicious snacks!

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