21 September 2021
Useful Kitchen Tools To Get at MR.DOLLAR
Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a full-on foodie, useful kitchen tools or products are an absolute must. There are so many affordable kitchen products in MR.DOLLAR that can help you to make use of every Ringgit you spend. From peelers and kitchen towels to scouring sponges and dishwashing paste, these products can make your kitchen tidy and clean.

8980568 (RM2 Each)

Peelers make quick work of removing skins from vegetables and fruits such as apples, potatoes, carrots and other foods. It helps to do the job more safely than a knife and avoid finger and hand cutting.

9530100 (RM2 Each)

You may find yourself having trouble living if you do not have kitchen towels. Kitchen towels are a clever kitchen helper for wiping up spills, cleaning off cutting boards, drying dishes or hands.

8970143 (RM5 Each)

Keep your fish, meat or fruit fresh with drainage crispers. The practical drainage board helps to remove excess water and prolong the preservation time. It also comes with a lid, which can provide you with a convenient and hygienic way to add more structure to the way you store the vegetables and groceries.

9640413 (RM5 Each)

We know  how tough it is to clean the stains on the cooking tool. That is why we need to have the great helper — Scotch-Brite scouring sponge. It can easily clean tough, baked-on and over-cooked stains. It also helps to save your elbow grease when scrubbing the kitchen clean.

9753741 / 9350403 (RM2 Each)

Economical dishwashing paste can effectively remove stubborn grease stains. It has a cool lime and tangy lemon scent, leaving your plate clean, spackling and smelling fresh.

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