04 October 2021
Products You May Not Know Are Available in MR.DOLLAR
If you think that MR.DOLLAR only offers food and beverage products, then you may not be familiar enough with us. MR.DOLLAR is a subsidiary of MR.DIY Group, offering over 12,000 choices of products with a fixed price at RM2 or RM5. Join us to explore the products you may not know are available at MR.DOLLAR!
8972477 & 479 (RM2)

Washing net protects your finest garments and delicates from snags, tangles, tears, stretching and other damages when washing them using a washing machine. 

9140375 (RM5)

Do you often feel that the hangers at home are never enough? If you are looking for an affordable hanger with a number of quantities, MR.DOLLAR could help you with this.  

FLOOR MAT (35 x 55)
9064218 (RM2)

Floor mats look inconspicuous, but they’re actually an important household item that we should have at home. It helps to trap dirt and moisture or prevent slipping.

8973353 (RM2)

Heavy duty wipes serve as a multiple-purpose cleaning cloth which is ideal for household cleaning. It can be washable and reusable. Most importantly, it is lint free and tough on grease and grime

9670810 (RM2)

Yes! You can even find some gardening tools at MR.DOLLAR - a good place to source for affordable gardening tools for beginners. Planting some plants or flowers will make your home more lively and vibrant.
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